Security-Tactical-job your partner use. You are in search of a work in the professions of the security, of the tactical and operational protection. You look for a work in sensitive zone as Iraq or Afghanistan, STJ distributes your RÉSUMÉ on Internet so that the big enterprises of security and operational logistics recruit you directly without mediator.
Bodyguard, drivers, or pilot, the STJ site assures you the diffusion of your RÉSUMÉ everywhere in the world. Your military past will help you àtrouver a work in the professions of the protection or the surveillance of sensitive zones.


What's new on the site? An account STJ which is :
  • The personalised management of my job offer and of my CVs.
  • The forwarding of your profile towards the company of security.
  • Of the exclusive services.


Security Tactical Job
The N°1 site of the specialists of the security and the operational logistics





  • Do not waste your time anymore in treating hundreds of replies that are not adapted to a job offer.
  • With Security Tactical Job, go straight forward to the goal by selecting the professionals the most adapted to the job, and this by chosing from among recent CVs that were regularly renewed and updated.
  • Security Tactical Job controls and verifies the conformity of every CV according to the rules that appear in our general conditions.
  • Security Tactical Job can also effectuate missions of recruitements in favour of the company.


 Submit my CV

  • Edit your CV properly and diffuse it among the recruiters whom are verified by security tactical job.
  • Your CV is introduced to the specialized recruiters in the world of the security and the operational logistic.
  • You know the number of your consultations taking place by the recruiters.
  • A personalized management of your CVs for a quick update of your profile.
  • You valid your CV once every 3 months with no supplement.



Summit my cv

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how i "submit my CV"


I click on << Submit CV >>
I fill-up the application sheet,
In return, I receive a personal access code by e-mail.
Thanks to this access code and my password that I can access to the CV manager.
I edit my CV by following the instructions and I enclose an identity digital photo.
Once I finish editing, I publish my CV.

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Security tactical job put on line your profile( security, opérational logistic, health support) which will be in favour of the company,
Your CV which is very simple and brief can be printed out on paper that could be useful job research.



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