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General terms of Sale (Candidates)





The present General terms of Sale apply to any publication done via the Internet site" www.security-tactical-job.com ", property of Trinity R.M.S Coaching that reserves the right to modify them at any time. The general terms of applicable publication are those in force at the date of acceptance of deposits it of the Curriculum Vitaes (CV).

Features of goods and services proposed

The characteristics proposed after subscriptions are:

• The hosting on the site of Curriculum Vitae (CV).


The prices appearing on the site are prices all taxes. Trinity R.M.S Coaching reserves the right to modify its prices at any.

Terms and acceptance of the CV publication

Every publication is accepted and is validated by Trinity R.M.S Coaching if the depositor:

• Fills the card with identification form and indicates all required informations.
• Complete his CV in accordance with the stated rules of publication in the ad hoc pages of the present Internet site.
• Provides a photo of identity.
• Does the payment according projected terms.
Trinity R.M.S Coaching reserves the right not to publish the CV which does not comply with its ethics.


The purchaser, non professional physical person, benefits from a delay of recantation of seven (7) days from the publication.  Trinity R.M.S Coaching will repay the purchaser without penalty and on his demand, by application of the L article. 121-20-2 of the Code of the consumption. Beyond this term no repayment will be able to take place.

Modes of payment

The totality of the payment is due when the CV is accepted.
The r payment is done to the purchaser's suitability:

• Either by bank card by means of the system secured" CyberPlus Payment" of the Popular Bank.
• Either by bank card by means of the system secured" PayPal ".
• Either by a PayPal account

Every stated payment means uses the SSL protocol above so that (Secure Socket Layer) the transmitted information are encoded by a software and that none third can take knowledge of it during the transportation on the network.


Responsibility to of the on line publication process

Whith the process of publication and visualization of the CV on line, Trinity R.M.S Coaching is not bound to an obligation of means. Its responsibility won't be able to be bound for a resulting damage of the use of the Internet network as loss of data, intrusion, virus, rupture of the service, or other involuntary problems.

Storage - Proof

Trinity R.M.S Coaching archives its invoices on a constituent reliable and lasting support his faithful copy is accordance with arrangements of the article 1348 of the civil code. The registers of Trinity R.M.S Coaching will be considered by the parties like proof of the communications, payments and transactions bath parties.


Any demand of information, question, or complaint, should be addressed by postal way to: Trinity R.M.S Coaching - Boulevard Marcel Dassault - 64200 Biarritz (France).

Applicable right and regulation of litigations

The present on line sale terms are submitted to the French law only. In case of litigation, exclusive expertise is assigned to the courts of Bayonne (France), in spite of plurality of defendants or call in guarantee.